Gimme A Break. Not Too Shabby. | Yokosukasasebo

These were well known sayings to Honcho Runners back in the Seventies. “Ike” the “Master” of the “Snack Honey” was famous for them. I first visited there in early 1973 after reporting to NAVCOMMSTA JAPAN YOKOSUKA . My fellow Honcho Runners and I went there often. Sometimes we were there till Sunrise and then hustle back to the Barracks, get cleaned up, put on our Dungarees and headed to work. After mustering, I would sneak off to a quiet spot and snooze for awhile. By 4:00 🕓, I was ready to get back out there to Ike’s place. He used to say “Gimme A Break/Brake” a lot. One day, one of my buddies, Warren Lauzon, mounted a “brake “ (auto type) on a plaque and presented it to Ike. Ike loved it and mounted it behind the bar. Over the years, I would occasionally drop in and see Ike was still there like before. Apparently, the “Honey” closed a few years ago but I have heard that Ike is still living upstairs. Were you one of his customers?
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